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All of our services act on technology. While fully evaluating the importance of the content, we judge that the content will be very active because of our technical capabilities.


DIVER Wallet

Implement all required functionality. Resolve ambiguities. We propose the definitive blockchain wallet that continues to pursue UI/UX.

  • Contact book

    By registering a contact book for each blockchain address, you can prevent human errors and check the transaction history with the corresponding blockchain address.

  • blockchain-domain

    By referencing the blockchain domain designed on the smart contract, you can use the easy-to-understand blockchain address.

  • Two-factor authentication

    Prevent hacking risk by installing a two-step authentication function with any two-step authentication app & email address.

  • NFT automatic display function

    By automatically displaying NFTs, anyone can easily check NFTs without much effort.

  • Filtering

    A pop-up alert is required for first-time clicked NFTs to avoid hacks that exploit recent NFT airdrops.

  • Video/Sound NFT reference

    When storing NFT such as video and audio, it is compressed and displayed as it is.

  • Blockchain
  • Interactive
  • Game
  • AI
  • Network
  • IoT

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